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This was a short, but pleasant little game that takes 3D puzzle(ish) platforming and gives is a festive twist. I like that. The art and modeling was all well made, looking simple, but not plain, and the lighting effects were pretty nice as well. I'm really curious about the "1-10 players" thing though. Someone do that so I can see it in action.

Good job on this and keep up the good work.

Thank you so much, Skydjinn! This was a short production as a hobby project, so I'm glad you like it. We've never actually tried 10 players, but 4 players works great.

And thank you for the Let's Play of course, great job! Amazing how you managed to complete the game in the 2 cheating modes it includes.... :P Good lesson for me. Usually if played by only 1 player, you fail the game - so you actually need to play with at least 2.

If it can't or shouldn't happen in a game, you can always count on me to make it happen.

Another video, a fun game and thanks to the developer for stopping by to watch!

Made a video -


Ohi, glad you released it! :D

Great let's play! The cake is not a lie though... you can really switch on the lights. Takes a button press. :)